Myth undead – the big guys

Ok so a quick post this time to show the rest of the undead from Myth. This is the second part of the undead from the Myth Kickstarter, which I posted the standard sized figs previously. These are the bigger figures and this suites that it is Halloween week as well.

First we have the 4 sub boss figures. These came out ok but I am not overall impressed on the end result. I was hoping for something a little better I guess. They are sorcerer figures with a misty body. Maybe it was my use of green for the mist, or maybe it’s that the sculpt just does little for me, I’m not sure. However, I’m just not really happy with these 4 figs -yes there are 4 figs of exactly the same model. That said, they are done and I’m not going to redo them so there we are.myth undead sub-bossesNext we have the big boss. As with many of the myth models this is a unique pose and so gets points for me on that score. The half giant skeleton carried by normal sized skeletons is cool after all.myth undead bossThis boss is a big model and each of the figures holding it are normal sized 28mm figs so that will give you an idea of the size of the model overall. I used the same colors for all the undead – whites and reds. I  did add some purples and different metal colours to these figs to add a little more interest to them. myth undead boss backLastly, there is a bonus nasty which came in the Kickstarter. It’s about 3″ tall and I assume can be a boss or sub-boss in the game, yes still not read the rules…Again I followed the same colors as all the other undead models. I think this makes the fig pop nicely and this fig has some character to it.myth undead alt bossSo there we are, all the undead models done. There are still a lot more myth figs to paint but I’m slowly making progress on them still.


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