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US Thanksgiving Check Your Six game

It’s become a bit of a personal tradition in that I plan to run an air game on the week of US Thanksgiving, as it’s the one week which I’m fairly certain I won’t be traveling on business. This year … Continue reading

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Updated Necomunda Goliath gang

Many years ago, and after college for me, where I was able to always borrow other peoples collections of figures for games, I first start daubing paint on figures. At the time there was a newish game from GW called … Continue reading

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Final rubble terrain – gale force 9

As part of the aim for adding more terrain to my collection I had picked up some of the pre-painted terrain earlier in the year. This was to go with the stuff from THminiatures, which I have shown in previous … Continue reading

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Myth orcs

So back to the Myth project – this time green skinned Orcs. These are the figures which come from the Myth Kickstarter. Below you can see the size difference of the different figures for an overview of the different models … Continue reading

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Myth Cyclops monsters

As it’s Halloween weekend it seemed appropriate to add a post with some painted nasty monsters. So here we have the Myth cyclops figures. As normal with Myth I have a done very little research on the official colours of … Continue reading

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