Myth Cyclops monsters

As it’s Halloween weekend it seemed appropriate to add a post with some painted nasty monsters. So here we have the Myth cyclops figures. As normal with Myth I have a done very little research on the official colours of these, so I just went with what I remembered from the KS and my own idea’s. I do really need to get to looking at these rules now I’m getting close to finishing all the figures…

Talking of figures below are 5 cloaked human sized cyclops figs. It’s an interesting sculpt and looks a little scary really and a little comic to me at the same time. I’m not sure what more there really is to say about this figs. You can see the colour scheme I went with has very pale flesh, which I think suits these. I did notice they have no mouths, so I’m not sure how they actually survive, but it’s fantasy so lets ignore that for now…Myth Cyclops human sized with cloak Next are the figs I really like in this set. This is such a cool miniature. A nasty character with a big eye, a club and a loincloth. Got to love it and I have 5 of them!Myth Cyclops human sized The next figs are the giant versions of the previous ones. Next time I’ll use green stuff for the cracks in the figs where you can see the bits were assembled (the Myth figs did come all pre-assembled but I needed to do more to hide these joins. You can see the join line in the arm clearly on this figs but otherwise they are not too bad. Not sure why but I prefer the smaller version for looks but I do, but this is still a decent nasty to handle.sub boss cyclops The last of the figs in this group/set is the big monster eye. I tried to keep the same theme for this as the other figs, with the blue lens eye with veins with an off white background for the none white bit of the eye. I think this but this is where the limits of my skills start to show. I’m not a great painter – but an average one at best and so went for finishing the fig vs. spend a huge amount of time & effort on this one figure. It shows but I’m still ok with the result here.cyclops big nasty front You can also see from all the Myth figs that I am doing that I’m trying to do more with simple layering vs. loads of washes & dry brushing (which are my normal staple technique for smaller/historical figs),  The mouth pods in this figs do have several shade layers but that did not come out in the photo.cyclops big nasty back To finish I thought I’d include a show to give a physical scale comparison of the different models. Remember the  small guys are approx 28mm in size so you can see that’s one ‘ big eyed beastie’ as the big boss.cyclops big nasty frontSo another set of myth baddies done. Soon I’ll have to get to the hero’s which I may well try to do with more character and detail – but we’ll see. I do need a break from all this Myth painting that’s for certain.


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A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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2 Responses to Myth Cyclops monsters

  1. Argentbadger says:

    Those are really cool miniatures. I think that the paining and overall effect looks nicer on the smaller beasties though.

  2. Very unsettling. The eyeballs turned out nicely. Maybe you cna add some gloss varnish to give them that moist look.

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