Myth orcs

So back to the Myth project – this time green skinned Orcs. These are the figures which come from the Myth Kickstarter. Below you can see the size difference of the different figures for an overview of the different models which are shown in this post. You can see the size difference of the large boss compared to the normal 28mm sized figs which the small ones are. I really want to finish this project as after a while the fun goes out of painting so many models…Myth Orcs size comparision So here is a close up of the big Orc baddy. he is a really big monster and is a good showcase of the colours that I used with these figures.  The green and browns are a given for Orcs these days but I wanted to use blue as a contrast for them.  It’s a less common contrast colour than red (or yellow) but that was kind of my reason for doing it. The model has a nice face and this seem to have come out well in the painting. He looks mean enough to keep the other Orcs in check. It also has a bit of a ‘Norse God’ theme to the model which I do like.Myth orc giant - frontSo next we have the sub-boss figures. There are 4 of these and not a bad model. They look small here but as you can see in the comparison above the figs are Ogre sized – so they are a good size for the sub boss. The pose is cool as well – a smaller version of the Norse God pose above. I should point out that from here down, each model only has one photo.myth orc sub-bossesNext we have the line orcs. The are basically human sized figures and I do like them. They are very stylish figure with a nice amount of character. The 7 figs of each pose are what came with the kickstarter.I kept with the theme colours but went on the light side of the blue for the first figures. I like the end result, but it still fits in with the theme of the Orcs. For some reason these figures also make me think of pirates – I guess that’s the pose. Myth Orcs swordsman 2Myth orc swordsman 1 Next we have 7 wild shield and mace figures. These again are a nice pose and definitely characterful. The board game style where there are loads of figures in the same pose is a little of a drag but it does make the painting somewhat easier. For these ones I went for a darker blue on the pants, but with a lighter blue for the belt etc. It seemed to work out ok.Myth orc club and shield 2 Myth orc club and shield 1 Lastly 7 orcs with a large axe. Again the theme colours go with these figs. The big axe should make them tough to fight the hero’s – well that’s my guess again I still have not cracked open the rules yet. Myth orc axeman 2 Myth orc axeman 1So there we are, another set of models for the Myth game done.


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