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This is game which I bought in 2013 or so but had never played but wanted too. DBN is based on the DBA rules, which I do like but is it’s own game which has been modified to cover the … Continue reading

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Found Gladiators

Last month I was looking at the lead pile of shame (i.e. all the stuff I have to do) and found that I had a pack of Gladiators which I had missed earlier in the year. So I had to … Continue reading

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Painting challenge status

I set myself a personal challenge of finishing enough of my French figs/units completed in December to have a decent force, as it’s taken way too long already to do this. So I thought I’d just post on how that’s … Continue reading

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Longstreet campaign game 9 – The final fight in the woods

Well after a year 2 years of elapsed time I am happy (and a little sad) to write up the final game in our campaign for Longstreet. Overall, I have to say that Ernie and myself have thoroughly enjoyed the … Continue reading

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My personal December challenge

I mentioned earlier in the year that in the background to my normal painting I have slowly been working on a medium sized 15mm French Napoleonic force, roughly based on the Lasalle army builder. It’s a core infantry force with … Continue reading

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Myth elementals

OK so another set of Myth monsters. These are the elemental forces. Everything shown came as part of the kickstarter but I had to buy (as an additional option) the big guy. I could not really resist it as it … Continue reading

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