Myth elementals

OK so another set of Myth monsters. These are the elemental forces. Everything shown came as part of the kickstarter but I had to buy (as an additional option) the big guy. I could not really resist it as it was an interesting model, plus who wants all the small figs without having the big nasty to fight as well! You can see all the elemental figs together below, the smaller figures are approximately normal human sized to give a scale to them.Myth elemental comparision So the first we have the ‘winged nasties’ with some kind of flame throwers. Yes, I still have not read the rules or know what the different monsters are, but I believe they are about to ship out V2 to me so why bother looking at the V1 rules now.

These are basically human sized (maybe a tiny bit smaller) but I am quite happy with how the wings came out with these figures. I’m still not convinced about the flames but they sort of work.myth flying nasties The mini-bosses are these huge golem type models. I have used the silver metal, brown and purple as theme colour for all the elemental models and I think it worked well. This models metal hand looks pretty nasty and the large amount of metal plates over it’s body mean it looks a tough one if nothing else. myth elemental sub-bossesNext we have another of the human sized figure from this group. I must admit I like the figure and the mechanical smith with flaming hair is kind of cool. I again tried to keep with the theme of all the elemental figs and so this automation came out nicely.  myth elemental hammer things The next of the human sized miniatures of the group are 6 weird figures with a saw as a hand. There are a strange pose and seem to be made of pipes/cables but heck it works and fits with the other strange figures in this set. The face also looks to have something leaking from the eye socket. Rather than a loose eye I did it as some kind of pink ooze, but maybe doing it as an eye would have been better. myth elemental buzz saws 1myth elemental buzz saws 2 Lastly, the big boss. This is kind of a half mechanical elemental. I tried to get the body of the model to be different purple shades, as this seemed an interesting look vs going for something which is straight stone coloured. I’m really not that happy with how it came out in the end. I was going for a bit of a supervillian type look and I don;t think I got it. Still it’s not bad and for the game it will be fine. IMG_4129 (608x800)IMG_4131 (554x800)So there we are another group of the Myth bad guy figs done. Some of these may even be useful in other games – such as Frostgrave and superhero games…


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