Painting challenge status

I set myself a personal challenge of finishing enough of my French figs/units completed in December to have a decent force, as it’s taken way too long already to do this. So I thought I’d just post on how that’s going.

I’m finding the Hussars are some of the hardest units to do with all the lace etc. Trying to get them to look reasonable is a challenge with my limited artistic skills. The other annoyance is that the art limbers are all ‘early period’ from AB miniatures even though the actual gunner figs are not. So the limber riders will all have Bicorne hats event though the gun crews have Shako’s. I’ll live with that for now.

The list below shows where I am at present. To my mind I’m actually on track with this, if not a little ahead, assuming that I get some time to spend over the holidays on the project as well.

  • 1 large unit of Cuirassiers ( 6 bases so 18 figs) – Done,
  • a single commander base (2 figs) –Done,
  • 2 units of Horse Chasseurs (4 bases each so 24 figs total) –Done,
  • 2 units of Hussars (4 bases each so 24 figs total) – On the painting table now,
  • a unit of Horse Art (3 guns plus crew & limber) – ready to be varnished,
  • a unit of Foot Art (4 guns plus crew & limber) – based but not undercoated,
  • and Napoleon’s mounted command staff ( 8 figs). – not started

I include a couple of pictures of the finish mounted units from the above list. I’m going for a field vs. parade ground look to all the units, which is why they are not all in bright, shiny and polished outfits, but have a slightly darker, worn look to them That helps with the detail painting as well. They are to a reasonable standard of painting but not the best out there- my brush skills are only so good. The Cuirassiers are old glory 15’s while the Horse Chasseurs are from AB miniatures.Nap mounted 1 -front Nap mounted 1 -side


About mellis1644

A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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2 Responses to Painting challenge status

  1. mcdwarf says:

    Large units are always a drag until you get to the final highlights stage. I applaud your perseverance!

  2. Keep pushing. Think how glad you’ll be when it’s done!

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