The end of my December painting challenge

Well for the first post of the year I’ll start with the final status of my personal painting challenge from December of 2015. The list below shows where I got too. To my mind this was a very successful personal task, as the aim was for me to make significant progress on this force, which I really did.

  • 1 large unit of Cuirassiers ( 6 bases so 18 figs) – Done,
  • a single commander base (2 figs) –Done,
  • 2 units of Horse Chasseurs (4 bases each so 24 figs total) –Done,
  • 2 units of Hussars (4 bases each so 24 figs total) Done,
  • a unit of Horse Art (3 guns plus crew & limber)Done,
  • a unit of Foot Art (4 guns plus crew & limber) –Done,
  • and Napoleon’s mounted command staff ( 8 figs). – partially done – a 3 figs base completed, the rest undercoated,
  • extra Prussian DBN commander (3 figs)Done,
  • extra French 4 bases Light infantry (16 figs) Done,
  • extra French 4 bases Light infantry (16 figs) – in progress

As normal I could not keep completely to plan, but diverted a little by adding some more French units to the mix and have not completed all of the command bases. The command figs I missed are really not required for gaming but the ones I did were needed for DBN games. Overall I’m very happy with how the figures turned out.

I know from talking to a few guys down the club who also took up the idea of the challenge for December they also thought it a great idea. It’s cool to set yourself an achievable but challenging task to do and then work to do it. It’s a motivator for those tough projects – which the French were becoming for me.  This has allowed me to get enough of the figures done that I could play my first game of DBN. That means the French units have already been used in a game, even though I have not completed their basing. Of course my stupidity means I pulled out the remaining French I have so in Jan I’ll try to get them done so I can finish the basing all in one go.

So just to finish this off a few shots of the figs I have completed since the last update. The painting table shot shows the work in progress figs as well. Well Happy New Years and here is to another year of games and painting.Dec challenge 1 Dec Chal 4 Dec Chall 3


About mellis1644

A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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