Myth traps and monster lairs

This is just a quick one today, to show some more finished Myth figs that I have done. Today it’s 6 bases/homes for monsters and 6 traps. I’m not 100% sure which are which for the bases but it’s fairly clear to me that the first three are (from left to right) are for the elementals, Insects and Rats, as I see it. This may not be true but seems to work for me and so how I painted them up!Bases 1 front Bases 1 back The spawning points below are the second set of three from the Myth Kickstater. These ones will work for the Orcs, the Cyclops and Undead. Again, these may not be the ones which the designers planned but I think/hope they are. Really to me it’s just the Orcs and the Rats that are in question, as they could be the other way around… Bases 2 front Bases 2 back Next we have the trap markers. Again having yet to read the rules I assume these are for doing nasty thing to the players by the system, but they all painted up easily enough.  First three that are pretty simple models.Myth trap 2Last in this quick update are the three other traps. These all seem fairly clear as to what they represent – but we’ll have to see how they work on the table in time. Myth trap 1So there we are I’m slowly getting the Myth figs done.


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A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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1 Response to Myth traps and monster lairs

  1. Very cool selection of markers. The traps might come in handy in other games, too. I’d say the hole in the ground makes sense for rats and makeshift wooden dwellings for the Orcs.

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