Judge Dredd gangers

Here are some figures which I have finished for small scale urban skirmish games. I actually completed these a little while ago but had not posted them here. But as I was traveling on business last week it made sense to add them now. They are for my Judge Dredd and supers/pulp style games – with various rules systems. All these have come from my purchase of the Judge Dredd figs at the hot lead convention last year. The figures were basic block painted when I got them but without any basing and they were not detailed. So again rather than stripping these they have been repainted as required. This involved some basic painting and then highlighted/shaded as well as black lining to make them have a nice finish. I did the eye’s. Some of the models definitely have that wild eye pose and look (by accident or design), while others have a more realistic look.

The figures I think are from the Wargames factory Judge Dredd starter set and are ok but not the greatest. They are all plastic multi-part figs. The faces are nice and the poses are not bad but I have to say the linkage of the arms to weapons are not great. Of course I did not put them together but I see this a lot with plastic stuff I do as well.  I’m still a bit of a fan of metal models really.

So first 3 figs with more ‘realistic eye’s’ and various poses. You can see the basic red, green and blue theme in the colours – which fits well with the comic background and theme of the figs. I did a basic gravel base for these models. As more generic gang members I wanted to be able to use them in most settings. Plus, it’s easy and works!  Judge Dredd gangers 1 -front FJudge Dredd gangers 1 -backNext we have three more figs. I was a little more ‘heavy handed’ in the eye’s for these. It’s not bad but they do look like they have been using eye shadow or not getting much sleep – or taking a few too many drugs. The middle one may even have a black eye! On the table it actually looks ok but close up it’s a little more than I had hoped for. Overall the figures work though, so I’m not that worried.Judge Dredd gangers 2 -front Judge Dredd gangers 2 -backLastly, here are a couple of of the more ‘freaky’ members of the gang. These guys looks like they would be home in the Jokers crew. They may well end up in such a bad gang of no gooders on the table anyway. You can also see as with my Gladiators earlier in the year, I now try to vary skin tone and colour across a set of figs to give them a little more variety.Judge Dredd gangers 3 -front Judge Dredd gangers 3 -backSo there we are, some gang members for comic games. I have a few more figs for the set which I’ll post in another blog entry.


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A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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