Terrain – gullies and trees

I have slowly been working on some terrain items  – mainly for my 15mm games but they are usable with for any scale really. Last year I wanted to do more terrain but really did not get on with it that much – other than the frostgrave scatter stuff. However, here is a quick update on a couple of items which I have been doing. First, I have done 3 gullies. Two are on a dark green base while one is more on a sandy coloured base (for western games). I created one like these a couple of years ago but thought I would try to finish some more of these as they are interesting terrain items. gulliesThey are nothing that special really, but one thing which is often lacking on tables are some trenches or such. In a firefight going to ground is a key factor and so having these around is another thing which models can use – without me doing complex terrain boards.  These are simple and they should provide some interesting terrain for gaming use. You can see in these photo’s the 15mm Vietnam fig for scale. close up of gullyNext we have my first ‘box of trees’. You can see three different types here. Those are what I have done so far. These come from a Chinese supplier and I have mounted them on pennies or other ‘out of circulation’ coins I have from travels over the years. That’s to give them a base and some weight. They should be ok for use with any scale up to 32mm, although on the larger scales they are more saplings/small tree thana forest so they work best for 15mm. You can see them with a GW zombie, a warmahordes pistol wraith and a 15mm Vietnam figure below. IMG_3240 (640x401)Having spent enough time in the woods of Ontario and Europe there is lots of height differences and types of trees in the native forest, so having a few different trees makes sense. For 15mm games these will be great for creating some woods/forest area’s and as scatter terrain for WW2 games.

I have more still to finish, but this is a start and gets me in on the forest terrain area. Although these are not perfect they will do well for scattering around the table for games, or in specific area markers to provide a nicer looking table for games at home. There are approx 40 of each type in this container, which is their storage location.1st box of treesSo there we are, this provides me a starting point for some of my own trees for games at home or where the club does not have all the terrain for games already available.


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A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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