More Judge Dredd gang members

This is the second post for Judge Dredd gang members. I did the first one previously, and you can see it here. This post includes another 8 gang members for the baddies of a Judge Dredd game. Some of these are definitely from the GW Necomunda range, but they work well in this context while most are from the plastic JD gang range. The first three are typical gang members. As you can see a couple of them have their arm posing a little weird. I guess you could argue they are not expert with weapons but the reality is this is one of the challenges of plastic models – getting a realistic pose. As I mentioned previously I did not put these figs together but still I understand the challenge. I do quite like the style pose of the mini on the right though – there is something very 80’s about that.  Judge Dredd gangers 4 -front Judge Dredd gangers 4 -backThe next set are another group of the plastic models. As you can tell I continue with the different skin tones. The primary colour base for the figs do really work for these types of models which is nice. Maybe it’s a little too extreme in some cases but I’m not really going for modeling reality here, just making them unique and fun.Judge Dredd gangers 5 -front Judge Dredd gangers 5 -backLastly, two models which are metal and from the Necomunda range. Brothers I guess. I painted them different colours so they stand out from each other. I plan on using these as the gang leaders and even here did try to vary the skin tone a little. I kept them close enough that they could be brothers if needed. One will likely be a leader and the other a sub -boss unless I can find a better leader model.Judge Dredd gangers 6 -front Judge Dredd gangers 6 -backSo there we are a set of modern/sci-fi gang figs for a variety of uses in games.


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A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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