Cardinals Guards for En Garde!

With the planned release of the ‘En Garde’ rules created the author or the fun Ronin rules, again published by Osprey, I knew that I wanted to paint up some miniatures to play the game. I am massively influenced in this by a couple of movies in particular as well as my general love of the period.

three musketeersThe 1970’s musketeer movies with Oliver Reed, Michael York and Raquel Welsh have always been the classic two movies of the stories to me. These hit screens the TV in my youth (I did not seem them in the movie threaters). I still remember them and have them locked on the PVR from when they were repeated. Roy Kinnear stole the screen in the scenes he was in. Overall the humor and fun quality of the movies just puts them in a special place for me. They are to me the musketeer movies that I want to game. So I actually bought, based and undercoated some 28mm miniatures for exactly that purpose. They came from Blue Moon and are 28mm scale and they are nice figs. The aim was to have them done for the release of the game. However, that’s as far as those have gotten. They now are sitting waving at me in the large pile of mini’s at that level on my painting table.

So happened was while I was doing the December challenge was that I remember that I had some 15mm Blue Moon figs I bought a long time ago. With the En Garde rules released early January they would be much easier and quicker to get on the table and needed some painting love as well. These figs would also give me a good test of colours etc for the 28’s… well that was the excuse I used for myself anyway.

So the rules are now out so it’s time to get some figs ready for them. Shown here are 15 of the Cardinals finest guards in 15/18mm. I did give some of them different feather colours as that will hopefully make them easier to differentiate in skill levels in the game.
15mm Cardinals Guards 1
In many ways it’s good that I have done the 15mm figs first as I found it takes approx 10 fairly skilled figs of the cardinals guard to match the four musketeers in the rules points wise. The 15 I have done here should give me a nice selection of figs to use for those games. Lets be honest the guards are going to need numbers and then have work hard to beat Dumas’s heroes. But that’s the fun of things such as this isn’t it.15mm Cardinals Guards 2
The figures shown here are from a single pack of the guards from the Blue Moon range. I believe that this will be enough for the games I want to play. Overall I think they came out nicely. With the figs in this scale I should be ale to do a simple 2 player game in a 2 foot square area, allowing for terrain etc. If I use the 15mm pirates that I have painted previously I should also be able to host really big games with many players as well.
15mm Cardinals Guards 3
Well there we are. When I have the musketeers done and have fully read the rules I’ll be ready try out the game and let you know what it’s like!


About mellis1644

A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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