Myth heroes from the base set

Well finally here are the hero figures from the Myth game. This is a big milestone for me as it means that I can actually start to play the game. Of course there still is one challenge to that – reading the rules…

Anyway, I’m very happy to get these done and up here on the blog. This display of the hero’s includes the 2 extra hero’s above the 5 which come in the standard box. Below you can see them all but I include close up pictures of each of them for more detail. To differentiate these from monsters I did their bases in grays vs. the browns of all the monster figs. That should help make them easier to see in the game.Myth herosSo lets look at a few in more detail. First we have the Archer and I think the Adept figures. I realized I could have done a better job or removing the flash line from the Adept’s arm – but it’s done now and so I’ll live with it. I’m not the best at fig prep, as you can see. archer and adept 2 archer and adeptNext is the Swordsman and the Rogue I believe. The Rogue is a rat like the monsters I did but this one is more in the grey tones vs. browns. Overall I found the detail on these figs reasonable. Like many plastic gaming pieces they do not have as pronounced details as many metal figures which makes it a little harder to paint up well. But I’m fairly happy with how they have come out in the end. I have a number of other games to paint up so I better get used to this.Rat and Swordman 2 Rat and SwordmanThe last base fig from the box I think is called the Acolyte. I may have the names wrong as I still have not opened the rules for this game.

Again I’m happy with how these have come out. It’s not my best painting,  but far from the worse and they are reasonable. They will look ok on the table – much better than unpainted ones at any rate.cleric cleric 2Lastly are the 2 extra heroes. One is a Bard and the other a Trickster I think. These both came from the Kickstarter and I’m not sure if they are available for general purchases. I found both of these to be fairly hard to get to look right in the end. The Bard has a very Scot/Irish theme with the bagpipes so I really had to do some tartan’s on that fig, That’s not easy for my skill level but I think what I did looks ok. The Trickster just has loads of bits and bags and I did not want them all to disappear into each other, but also did not want them to stand out too much. I think I achieved this to a reasonable level.Bard and trickster Bard and trickster 2So there we are. I’m not finished with the Myth painting but the end is at least looking to be closer now. Plus, I can start to look at the rules for potentially playing the game some time soon.


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A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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3 Responses to Myth heroes from the base set

  1. Argentbadger says:

    Terrific post.

    If you hadn’t pointed out about the Adept’s mould-line you could have said it was some sort of protruding vein/tendon like you see on body builders.

    The rat-Rogue is a lovely piece; I like it a lot more than the GW-inspired ones that seem common now.

    That Trickster seems quite a useful piece; not so obviously ‘fantasy’ as the others and could do extra duty in all sorts of other games.

    Finally, the Bard looks like he’s being attacked by a pajama-clad octopus from the look on his face. Mind you, that is also the look I get when I see a piper.

  2. Nice job with the figures, can I send you mine for a similar paint job please 😉

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