Musketeer Heroes and Villains

As now I have the cardinals guard done it is time to get some of the good guys done – oh and a few real bad ones as well. So first a few standard figures in the Kings Musketeers. These are just normal fighting men but will provide more figures for gaming. They will provide options for smaller games where I don’t want to use all the hero’s in one go. They are actually the blue moon Cardinals guard figs just painted up as Kings Musketeers.15mm Kings Musketeers

Next we have the real hero’s of the game. I tried to make each of the figures unique and easy enough to differentiate on the table – while keeping the same theme. All have a blue theme vs. black which are in the movies/t.v. That’s to keep with official colours of the historical Musketeers, which was blue as seen above. Black also tends to hide some of the detail which can be shown off better with some use of blue in smaller scale figs. So in order to give them a little flair I decided to go that direction.

Just for the record as I see it from left to right we have Porthos and then Athos. Planchet is in the center next to D’artagan. Finally on the far right is Aramis. Hopefully, you can see the characters a little in them. 15mm is a great scale but it is small and my camera work is not that great. The gold on Porthos’s shirt is not that visible but he is more dandy than Armais’s normal and slightly darker blue.
15mm Musketeer heroes

Lastly, what game would be complete without some evil baddies.  The Comte de Rochefort is on the left and Milady de Winter is on the right. They are the main baddies in the movies and books so what collection would be complete without them. In the center is a more generic figure. It could be a generic officer or some other character in games. I tried to go with a little mix of blues and reds so he could be of use to either side.15mm evil leaders

So there we are. I’m all ready for a first game of the rules and I’ll hopefully do a post a quick review here afterwards.


About mellis1644

A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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