Mounted Musketeers in 15mm

A quick post this week as I’m pushing my frustration level higher by doing the basing of my 15mm Napoleonic French this week. Lots of static grass and glue and in one go. It’s not one of the bits of projects I really like but it has a huge effect on the final result, so is worth doing. I prefer to finish projects bit by bit but did not do that with the French. That will teach me. It’s eaten all my limited hobby hours this week and is still not complete. Still, in a week or two I’ll start to show them in their finished glory.

So for now I’ll show a few of the Musketeer figures I painted for the En Garde rules. These are the figures remaining from the Bluemoon packs I had used for the figs shown previously. Really there was no choice but to get those done as well, even though I likely won’t use them much. These are the mounted version of the hero’s and  Cardinal Guards as well. Although I really like the foot figures these don’t grab me as well. I think the models are a little small if anything, but that may be just me. I finished them off in the same way and colours as the dismounted figures so they are consistent.

So first d’Artagnan and his servant Planchet.These are all based on UK 2 pence coins kept from a previous trip back to the UK. Dart and servant
Next the original three musketeers – from left to right Athos, Porthos and Aramis. .
Athos, Pothos and Arimis
Finally, some mounted opponents for the hero’s in five of the Cardinal’s guards. These guys are needed to chase the hero’s around till they get they get off their horses and fight for real. I can’t remember a lot of scene’s with mounted sword combat in films but wanted to get these done.2 Mounted Guards

3 Mounted Guards

No excuse now other than time for not getting the rules out and having a game now I guess.


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A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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