Myth Alternate Heroes

Back to the Myth game painting and the contents of this post has taken a little while to complete. I have been doing them slowly as a background project. However, I managed to finish them off this week so I can show it here as an alternative to the 15mm stuff I have been posting. The 15’s are something which I seem to have been doing quite a few posts on recently – and I have more to come. Below you can see the alternative sculpts for the Myth hero figures which are now complete.IMG_0344 (800x256)

These are mostly alternate genders for the other hero’s – both the original 5 from the box and the additional 2 heroes from the kickstarter.Mostly ladies who adventure, although there is one cat lady in the mix as well and the male archer. Again these are all done on grey bases just like the original hero’s I completed. That’s so they will stand out in the game board vs. all the baddies. I must admit I did find painting these harder than normal model figures. Although reasonable models the amount of relief (if that’s the right term) i.e.the depth of detail in of some of the items in the figures are not as great as in many metal mini’s. Thus, painting them takes a little more skill and time.

Still they are done now. I tried to give each a specific look. One detail which I did note is unlike many heroic 28mm figs the faces and limbs are much more in proportion with real people. They are are not perfectly in scale but this makes their faces and eye’s significantly smaller than many 28mm figs from say privateer press or games workshop.

They are no where near some of the brilliant painting levels which some people manage – but I am not that skilled. I try and do a reasonable job on them and the act of painting is a zen experience for me so what the heck. They are though miles ahead of using unpainted models though and not bad really. I’m happy to show them here and use them on the table top level although they would never win any awards at a painting show.

Below you can see each of the models in detail, although the lighting was not great when I took these photo’s. Still I can now see the end of the large pile of myth models. I may even get to reading the rules and hosting a game soon.Publication1 (800x454)Publication2 (790x571)Publication3 (800x454)Publication4 (800x623)Publication5 (800x604)Publication6 (800x580)Publication7 (800x499)


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A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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2 Responses to Myth Alternate Heroes

  1. Argentbadger says:

    Playing that violin with a sword is going to make for some interesting sounds from the bard!

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