Hotlead 2016

This weekend was another occurrence of the Hotlead convention in Stratford Ontario, Canada. Yet again this was a great event, with a good selection of vendors and games. This is in my opinion the premier miniature gaming event in Ontario, even though there are now a more events around through the year than it seems ever before. The event was a good as ever with a large selection of games and periods shown on the tables. There was a DBA tourney but this year I did not attend that. All the games put on were participation games and I think overall a lot of fun was had, a decent amount made for charity from the Bring and Buy table plus I hope the vendors made some money as well.

In the first session I helped a friend, Steve run a game based on the Battle of Agnadello, 1509. All the terrain and figures were from his collection and he used the DBR rules for the game. With 6 players it was a great game and even manged to finish in approx 3 hours with a true French victory. You can see a few pictures of the game below.

After hitting a great fries, poutine & burger place which is local for lunch (Boomers) the guys and I headed back for the afternoon games. The second game I played was a CY6! game set in the Cuban missile crisis. This was run by Keith a seasoned expert GM. I usually try to participate in at least one of his games at Hotlead as they are always fun. This again lived up to form and as a Cuban pilot I provoked a Canadian to fire on one of my planes, which you can see below. The plane was hit and damaged but managed to get off the board and head back to Cuba for all the PR around the capitalist Canadian aggression. Of course his wing man (again me) then instigated WW3 by trying to get revenge and shooting some Canadians. This turned into a but of a route with the Cuban jets winning out. You can see a couple of pictures below.

After dinner I spent some time talking to Bob of pulp figures games who was there in person. I real gent and it’s nice to actually meet and talk to people in the industry who you friend on Facebook and respect the work of. I did buy some toys from him as well – which you no doubt will see in time here. His figures are really great and I recommend anyone to have to look at them. In the chat he shared some previews of his future projects. One which was of great interest to me was some 28mm Indochina/Vietnam stuff (VC, NVA, US forces etc). He had some greens there for that if when released he will get some cash from me on those for sure. He was also showing the flint and feather figs. All those look great as well and there are more coming. Some people were running playtest’s of the rules for that line as well and the rules look interesting. They are planning a kickstarter to help get the game out and figure line completed. That looks like something that will be a very tempting, but I’ll have to see how it develops. Other than that I just wondered the hall, watched various games and talked to people on the evening.

So, overall another great day of gaming and fun at Hotlead. Just to close out this, here are a collection of shots of other games – 1 photo per game/table as I walked around.I did not get all the tables/games but here is a just a sample for your viewing.



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A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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