DBA flat terrain

Now f0r something a little different than my usual posts showing off miniatures or reviewing things. I’m a fairly regular DBA player in 15mm – it’s quick and fairly simple, but gives a great tactical figure game for an hour or so. It’s a also one of those games which is easy to play but a hard one to master, which is usually a good sign of a good game IMO. If you have not played before I recommend the wadbags 2.2+ version, which explains the rules much better than the original authors version. The author has produced a V3 now and that has the full army lists which the above fan rewrite does not include. The 12 bases of figures means an army for DBA is really not that massive a painting challenge either. Now I have not painted many DBA armies in the last couple of years but I use my existing ones for the game. I may start doing more soon though. Of course the small size of armies and games, as well as the rules turns some people off – but you can’t please everyone.


In my games I have been using flat foam/felt terrain which, lets be honest looks pretty crap. DBA really needs flat terrain -the rules are pretty specific on movement and recoils etc and the bases are fairly small so built up pieces just tends not to work that well. Putting things on the foam (such as tree’s etc.) works ok as long as it can be moved and I have been doing that but it does not work for everything. So the terrain does not look that great in my games.

That been said, one of the fellow local DBA gamers has painted on effects his flat terrain material to at least look somewhat like an overhead shot. I was quite impressed on that. Another has the Cigar box DBA terrain mat (which is expensive but looks great) and that’s cool too. With those in mind I decided to see if I could at least make my foam items look a little better by adding some paint to them. So below you can see a gallery of the end results. They won’t win any prizes but they are better to my eye. I have a 40 x 30 base in most of the pictures to provide some scale in the shots.

Not shown are roads & gullies – which I normally use painters low tack tape for but other than that this gives an interesting selection of terrain to play on. I’m not 100% happy with the hills but again they are better than nothing IMO. The results are not that amazing but this is  a different craft project for me to end the month on.


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A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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3 Responses to DBA flat terrain

  1. Mark Haughey says:

    Very true about the need for flat terrain. I currently (and have been for a while) working through my DBA terrain and doing what you have done. I’m also trying to create pieces that I can use for Field of Glory and Impetus. DBA seems to have the strictest sizings, but that was earlier versions.

    Good post.

    • mellis1644 says:

      Thanks for the reply. Yeah good terrain is something which really makes a game come to life – a little like good basing does for figures. Once you have reasonable terrain for DBA it can be used for the other games as well, but it may be smaller than you really want for those bigger games.

  2. Dave Parsons says:

    Fairly flat but still three dimensional DBA terrain is now available from http://www.realplaceterrain.co.uk

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