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Six Napoleonic French Foot regiments and support

Now that I have shown the full extent of my Napoleonic French forces in the last post it’s time for a post to show a few of the units in more detail. This includes some of the infantry and also … Continue reading

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Lasalle French army DONE!!!

Well it’s been some time since January when I said I had finished my Lasalle French army (basically 15mm Napoleonic). Yet I have not put anything up on this blog about it since then. So here it comes. I will … Continue reading

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The final Myth figs

Well it’s DONE… this is it. Yes these figs are the last of those which came in the original Myth kickstarter now painted. Yippee. Now to plan for a game I guess…of course I have got to this point without … Continue reading

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Iron Cross a quick review

Great escape games have release a new WW2 game called Iron Cross. I have now played a few games of this and so I thought I would post my comments/thoughts as well and a quick review on this system. Overall, … Continue reading

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6mm US Rifle/Marine/Air Cav Company

So another post continuing my 6mm Vietnam work for now. One of the beauties of 6mm is with the same figs they can be US Marines, Army or Air Cav – if you have enough of them based the right … Continue reading

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Main/Local force for Vietnam 6mm

A long time ago – well over 2 years ago, when I had finished my Maurice forces I bought some 6mm Vietnam figs to paint up and play the ‘Charlie Don’t Surf’ rules from the Too Fat Lardies. Now, that … Continue reading

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