6mm US Rifle/Marine/Air Cav Company

So another post continuing my 6mm Vietnam work for now. One of the beauties of 6mm is with the same figs they can be US Marines, Army or Air Cav – if you have enough of them based the right way. They also can be armed with M16’s or M14’s and very few people if any will be able to tell, especially at the painting skill level I have. Below you can see enough GHQ figs to do just that, based mostly in 4 figs per base, but some 3’s and 2’s as well as weapon and command teams. All are ready for some 1 to 1 scale Vietnam gaming. There is more than a companies worth of troops here so I have lot of flexibility in what they represent.6mm US Vietnam troops
As with the previous figs I did for this project these are aimed for the Charlie don’t surf rules, but I could use them for Crossfire Vietnam and Force on Force. I did them all in a standard green with the helmets a lighter colour to stand out a little. The reality is I think the helmets were not so much of a contrast but it does work for 6mm in my opinion. I also actually used a darker green on their bodies of many of the figs (but not the arms) to reflect flack jackets – yes I really did add those.

I painted a significant number of the troops to be African American’s. Their skin tine does not ‘pop’ as well visually but IMO it would be a poor representation of the US troops in the conflict if all were Caucasian. I understand why some painters/manufactures show figs that way (as the skin contrast is much higher) but I think it’s not a good reflection of the war.US 6mm Vietnam troops
This group includes M60 and M2 .50 cal teams as well as mortars but I did not do any other weapons options. That’s because those are common for troops in Vietnam but as I understand it often the recoiless rifles etc were often left at home and the specialist weapons squad troops used as replacements in standard platoons. So this provides me with enough troops to do a good sized game. It should enable me to be able to always use bases with the right figure numbers of active troops as casualties occur. Obviously the actual casualties will just have to be marked with counters etc but that should be fine. Below you can see close ups of the platoon and larger commander bases (round ones) and a few of the M60 teams.US vietnam command M60 vietnam team

So there we are, this project is moving forward nicely at present.

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A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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2 Responses to 6mm US Rifle/Marine/Air Cav Company

  1. 6mm wow!! You must have superman eyes. I struggle to pint details on 28mm hehe. Good job.

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