The final Myth figs

Well it’s DONE… this is it.

Yes these figs are the last of those which came in the original Myth kickstarter now painted. Yippee. Now to plan for a game I guess…of course I have got to this point without crackling open the rule book so that will be the next stage. But first lets show the last batch of figures.IMG_0393 (800x295)This set includes three figs which I believe are ‘anti-hero’s’ and you can see them in more detail below. They all have the standard monster coloured bases to ensure they are not confused with the heroes. They are 1 or 2 girls (the pirate could be a guy I’m not 100% sure either way and the length of hair makes me think girl) and a heavily armoured dude. I must admit I quite like how these came out in the end. I did the pirate in a very dirty look. All of them use pallets of colours I have used before on the project but each stood out nicely to me so I used them.IMG_0365 (800x402)IMG_0369 (800x435)Next we have the dog – I believe modeled on the sculptors dog. I went a little easy on this and painted it in simple but I believe effective manner. I actually had a dog in these colours. I really like how it turned out in the end – oh and yes I know dogs really have black eye’s but that was a little too stark in contrast so I gave it a more human looking eye.IMG_0388 (601x800)Lastly a big blue monster. I struggled a bit with this one trying to get the shade and tone right. I guess I need more practice before I try any large warmahorde big monster. In the end it came out ok but it could have been better. Interestingly with this pose all the work on his face is missed on the board as he is looking down on the heroes. Still this was the last model and so I am now, for a time done with Myth painting. Time to start playing I guess.


About mellis1644

A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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3 Responses to The final Myth figs

  1. Argentbadger says:

    Good painting. There’s something rather cheery and welcoming about the face of the big blue monster in the first solo picture.

  2. The big blue monster is excellent. I like the armoured dude too. Well done they all look very well painted.

  3. mellis1644 says:

    Thanks both of you for the kind words.

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