Lasalle French army DONE!!!

Well it’s been some time since January when I said I had finished my Lasalle French army (basically 15mm Napoleonic). Yet I have not put anything up on this blog about it since then. So here it comes. I will spread the detailed pictures over a few blog posts as it’s just too many pictures otherwise, (hey and it’s more content to show off). However, I am quite happy to have completed this project. Of course I have already started thinking about my next big background project. Below you can see an overhead picture of all the completed bases/figures. Yes it’s quite a few… Full French army
I really like the shot below as it gives the epic effect of all the foot in column. Now that’s a real French infantry column in the attack. 12 units of 32 figures each so 384 infantry figures. Now that’s a French attack column!
15mm French coloumn

All the main bases are 40mm wide. I personally call Lasalle basing but they work for the DBN and Black Powder rules as well. I also have some command and separate skirmishing figures. I’m sure the basing would work for other rules as well. I may well even try them for the soon to be released Sharpe Practice 2 rules.

The infantry are 8 figures to a base which is 30 mm deep and the the Cavalry are 3 figs with the same depth. I did do some of the infantry on 15mm deep bases, obviously with just 4 figs on the base. That may help with some rules as well. I tried to do a basing style which will cover them for both the Spanish and German theaters of conflict. The flags and figures are for 1809 on wards for the main part. So they should be good for either area. The basing is not perfect but took for ever to do just whats here so it will do. Trying to do an even nicer and detailed basing would have been an even longer time and these are at heart for playing games not display. In actual fact I am happy with how nice the end result it. It’s rather a lot of toys really and took over a year of ‘off and on’ painting to complete.

Here are a few close shots of some of the cavalry units. I’ll be doing more posts off and on now to show these in detail, as really there are too many to show in one post. Below are two Hussars units. Both of these are from AB miniatures and were their specific lasalle packs. They are based off the correct and real uniforms which I did research. I have to say I just choose a couple of interesting units uniforms though rather than for their combat history. These are based on the 9th and 1st Regiments. The 9th is the first picture.15mm French Hussars 15mm French Hussars
Lastly for this post a unit of Chasseurs. As all the Chasseur regiments had the same uniform the exact uniform they really can be any regiment I desire. These figures are again I believe from AB miniatures. 15mm Chasseurs


So there we are. Another finished project which is being shown on the blog. You’ll see more detailed shots of these in the next few weeks – along with other stuff of course.


About mellis1644

A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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2 Responses to Lasalle French army DONE!!!

  1. arkiegamer says:

    Very impressive! The 8 figure bases look great.

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