Six Napoleonic French Foot regiments and support

Now that I have shown the full extent of my Napoleonic French forces in the last post it’s time for a post to show a few of the units in more detail. This includes some of the infantry and also I hope highlights effort or maybe rather stupidity required to get a full French force done. I have taken a single photo of each ‘regiment’ – there are no repeats here.  There are 6 regiments of infantry below as well as the supporting skirmishers (or Voltigeurs as they were called) and an artillery battery.IMG_0664 (800x245)Below you can see a closer look at the second unit. One of key things I struggled with in this project was to get the ‘white’ right for the strapping and uniforms.  The French line had very much a white on white look. It took a while to get this right.IMG_0668 (800x526)In the end I used a white base coat with a black wash followed by picking out the various raised area’s with white again. Simple but it worked best, especially at table top range IMO. All the figures with high boots are from Old Glory 15mm while in the bases in white gaiters are from AB Miniatures. IMG_0674 (800x244)Below is a nice shot of the side of another unit. In approx half the units I painted the drummers with green jackets and half have blue. I found different sources as to whether they really had the green jackets or not. Even if issued them I’m assuming that some may use a Blue one in the field as things wore out anyway.  IMG_0682 (800x786)You can also see some bases in the unit below have long white pants/gaiters vs. boots. You can see that really on a base by base level it’s very hard to tell the different figs apart. I would not mix them on the same base but as an army they blend in very well.IMG_0689 (800x246)With this last line unit you can see the details of strapping and pants figures nicely. You can see the Grenadier bases with the large red pompoms. All the flags are printed from the net – it’s a great resource for such things.IMG_0691 (800x596) The Voltigeurs are all singularly based. These are great for lasalle but they also will work for games such as Sharpe Practice, where the skirmishers are represented as singularly based figures. They all have the typical yellow pompom’s to highlight their role.IMG_0697 (800x324) Lastly, here is a unit of 4 bases of Artillery. This is a larger than a typical French art unit – which is 3 bases in Lasalle. No group of French infantry units would be complete without them though. They have the typical red outfits and I did not glue down the guns. That may be a mistake and if so I will glue them down, but we’ll see.IMG_0701 (800x203)So there we are – the first close up pic’s. More to come in time.


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