Recon:Mercs first models

Well as a change from the 15mm naps in the last few posts here are a first set of models from the Recon:Mercs board game and Kickstarter. These are from the first delivery of the Kickstarter for this project but having these done means we can start playing the game! Yes I’ll likely get to play this before the Myth project, even though that had a lot more figs at this point.

So, here are the first level security personnel. These are ladies and I tried to do them in dark blues as you see most office security guards wear. I did heavy highlights though so they are a bit brighter than normal. There will be a lot more of such models from the Kickstarter in the end I believe – for such as civilians and the office staff. Those will be useful for many modern games I hope as well. But the base game just has these and the level 2 guys who I will show in a second post.Next we have the combat assault team. There are figures with specific roles and in the game are the heroes attacking another corporation. These are all from the Keizai Waza group! I believe they are the Japanese faction. I used an orange theme for them as the art work for them seems to have that.

I have tried to follow the thematic art work this is in the game. I have to say I love this theme art as it gives a view of the models without you (or me) as the painter having to try to match professional painting results. I have a single shot of each model so you can see them right up close. I did the bases very plain. I may do them more later but for now this provides a basic base for the figs and stops there being grit/basing material on a board game table.

This one is the Pathfinder:img_0850Next is the wrench.img_0846The leader has a personal rocket on his back.img_0842The sneaky spy:img_0838Finally the heavy weapons guy:img_0832-1So there we are. A quick post this time with just a few models but should be a good game – we’ll find out soon enough I hope.


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