First Purple Menace x-wing scum repaints

As a regular x-wing player one thing which I have been meaning to do is repaint some of the models. So the first up for the task are my scum faction ships. I may not be able to fly them that well but heck might as well have custom paint jobs done. I decided to do a theme of purples and grey/lilac for my faction. Dirtied up that gives a nice look to the ships and allow me to field all unique ships. Its not too bright and also allows my scum to be the called the purple menace – more to themselves/my league standing than opponents though at times it seems. Below are the first two ships. These are Kihraxz fighters. I do like the look of these ships.
Next is my collection of M3-A interceptors. These are my favourite looking scum ships so they needed to be painted in the first batch. I have not had a lot of success playing them but heck they look cool. I wanted them all to be similar but unique and I think I managed that. Budget has kept me to just three of these ships though.
Lastly, for this post I include a picture of my painted starviper. I’m not as impressed on how this came out in the end but the paint job definitely makes it unique on the table. I won’t be mixing up mine with my opponents, which is the reason for the repaints. Now just to work up a list for this weeks games which use some of these ships.
I’ll post the rest of my scum repaints when they are done. Not sure if I’ll do the big such ships though, but time will tell on that.

About mellis1644

A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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