The rest of the French foot

Continuing on from a previous post I thought I’d show more closer up shots of other bits of the Napoleonic French infantry that I have completed. In each case below there is just one picture per unit. No repeats. This post has 6 infantry regiments and various supporting units.IMG_0704 (800x217)All the flags for the units have been printed from the war flags site. That’s a great little site for flags. All the flags are for the 1809-1814 period. About half of the flag poles were replaced with fishing line. This allows for some flex without breaking the poles. The other poles seemed strong enough to hold the flag properly without bending over time. The French flags were not that big physically so this works out ok.IMG_0707 (800x732)The shot below nicely shows the difference between the size of old glory and AB figs. The white trousers really do show up in the shot and they are the AB mini’s. They are pretty close really.
IMG_0708 (800x250) The more I look at the basing the more I like it. It does deliver what I was after for these mini’s- a basic coverage which could stand in for anywhere from Spain to the Russian steps.
IMG_0713 (800x556) Below you can see the first unit of the light infantry. You can tell them from their blue pants and coat. These can be my elite/veteran troops in Lasalle should I need them to be.
IMG_0715 (800x246) The second formed unit of light infantry with a nice shot of their cross belts. Both these formed units are of AB figures models.
IMG_0719 (800x490) Of course for light infantry they can also be in a more open formation so I have some light infantry figs set up in that format. These were from a bring and buy purchase and I think are Essex mini’s.
IMG_0655 (800x347) What would French infantry be without some artillery, so here are 4 bases to go with the infantry.
IMG_0723 (800x273) (2) Art also needs limbers- I have only been able to find limbers where the troops have bicorne hats though – which is a little annoying but I’ll deal with it I guess. They work great for republican troops but more on that in another post.
IMG_0725 (800x464) As with the previous units I also have a lot of single based skirmishes. These are on pennies and will be of use in Lasalle for markers of the skirmish level and likely in other games.
IMG_0728 (800x210) Lastly, three more art bases and a 3rd limber. These should give me enough limbers and art for most games even during the art heavy period of 1813/1814. That’s when the French army tried to compensate for the losses in Russia with more supporting guns with their infantry.
IMG_0729 (800x479)So there we are and there are more still to show.


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