Extra Communist recruits for 6mm Games

Continuing the 6mm Vietnam project I have some more NVA figures now done. These will add to the VC figs I have already to provide a little more variety for the communist forces. You can see the extra bases below. The 40x20mm bases have 4 or 5 figs on them. All the figs in the picture below are from GHQ.
The colours used for these are a different from the US army I did previously. They have light brown uniforms with some having different green and brown hats and shirts. These will be of use for other forces if I decide to use these figs for games such as AK47 based in Africa or even sci-if games such as Horizon Wars.
Lastly, I did find a couple of extra bases I missed from the previous work. They were hidden on the disaster which is my painting desk. So here they are.
 The second set of infantry bases I have done and shown below are from Heroics and Ross – the other manufacturer I have used in the project. They are a bit smaller than the GHQ ones and thus it’s a little harder to paint faces etc. They mix ok in a force and it will be hard to tell the difference when the bases are on the table in a game. I would not mix them on the same base though. You can tell if held up to get a good view the different manufacturers figures.
 This gives me three platoons of NVA if I want them. Now onto the vehicles and other bits. I must admit I think I will expand this project to also include some sci-fi bits to allow these figs to be used with games such as Horizon Wars.


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A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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1 Response to Extra Communist recruits for 6mm Games

  1. That is some very effective basing for 6mm. I think it looks very naturalistic and rugged.

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