Purple Menace larger ships

As I have painted or rather modified the paint scheme all my smaller scum ships, it really seems fitting that I do the larger ones as well. As there are a few of these I’ll just cover a couple this in a couple of posts with a few ships in each post.

So first are the 2 Uboats as they seem to be called locally (jumpmasters really). These are some of the latest ships which have been released for xwing. They have changed the meta of competition play, being quite powerful with their ordinance and guidance chips. I wanted to give them a paint effect which makes them unique for my purple sum faction. I really did not want to do too much work though as a full repaint was not what I was going for. I actually like how they came out. For one I repainted all the red to be purple. For the second I put a dirty purple wash over the factory red and then added more purple panels on the ship, changing mist of the grey ones to purple. As you can see below this makes each one different.
 The second ship in this post is the hounds tooth. I again did not want to do too much to this one as it does look interesting already. I gave it some subtle purple hints which makes it fit into the purple menace faction. Those were the purple around the teeth and the base plate. I also have done several dark washes the overall ship as it looked a little clean to me. I added highlights on the machine pieces in the tail section as well to make the overall ship dirtier while bringing the details up so as to be easier to see. Again these are simple paint effects yet make the model a little more interesting to me.
So there we are. All these ships have had a blast of testors mat varnish spray to hold the new paint in place. I hope this continues to show the simple yet effective custom modification of the prepaints that can be done with these xwing models.


About mellis1644

A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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