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French Revolutionary/Early imperial forces

I have shown the various figs that I have done for the Lasalle game – those are in the last few blog posts on this subject. These took me most of last year to complete as a background task. Added … Continue reading

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Cryx Bane thalls and a caster

I have been showing off the mega project from last year (the 15mm Napoleonic French) , some 6mm Vietnam and x-wing repaints it seems like it would be a great time to take a little break and show some of … Continue reading

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Purple menace other large ships

Well after the previous large ships I though I should finish off the modifications to my scum ships. I never liked the original slave paint job and so I really had to do a repaint on that. This repaint was … Continue reading

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French Napoleonic cavalry and command

I showed some close up pictures of the infantry a little while ago so its time to focus in the cavalry a bit. Just to clarify this is a another post showing more details of the big project I did … Continue reading

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