French Napoleonic cavalry and command

I showed some close up pictures of the infantry a little while ago so its time to focus in the cavalry a bit. Just to clarify this is a another post showing more details of the big project I did last year creating a French Napoleonic force. Oh and yes this post includes the commanders of the force as they are needed as well. As normal here there is one picture per unit. The make up of the force is roughly based on the lasalle army builder but I added what I wanted as well while painting them. That’s for example why I have 2 dragoon units. So to the pictures.

First we have two units of what can nearly be called the utility French unit, the Dragoons. They seemed to be used in every campaign and take all kinds of roles during those. Being both infantry and cavalry gave commanders a lot of options with them – even though they tended to be mounted in major engagements i believe. So it’s useful to have a unit or two of them for games. One units has their muskets or rather their carbines out and ready, while the other has swords drawn. Both are in green with shakos which was their standard uniforms. They do not have and flags or stsndards as they were not issued them.IMG_0756 (800x288) Next we have the cuirassier cavalry. I have 2 large units, of 6 bases each of these. The first unit has their swords raised and are in a charge. I must admit that the uniforms of these guys always leaves me a little under impressed. Yes they have breast and back plates as well as a metal helmet but still. I suspect in reality they must have been spectacular, but the pictures and end figures just don’t look that elite for some reason.IMG_0761 (800x516)  The second large unit are stood at rest. I could have gone for the white uniforms of the cuirasses as the figs are vasically the same in 15mm but I believe the curiassier were more common. So I did those units instead. I also found reports that their white parade uniforms were often in relaity replaced by blue ones in the field. If that’s the case then these could be cuirasses as well on the table. IMG_0765 (800x599)
Below you can see three commanders. In the center is a 40 by 40 base for an overall force commander. I realized later I used the mosf obvious Napoleon figure for a medium sized base not the big one. I guess that’s a great excuse to do another large commander base, although I did use another ‘look alike’ fig on the big base so I’m not so worried. Either side of that are a couple of sub commanders on 40×30 bases. All these are good for various rule sets. These are all fun bases and although not true diamamas I tried to put a little character into each one.
IMG_0793 (800x513) Below are to basic commander bases. These are all single figures on 30×30 bases. Although simple I tried to make each a little special where I could.IMG_0797 (800x770) Below are another couple of low level commanders. Yes I have 5 of them.These should be useful in all sorts of games. My only concern is I have no NCO figs for games like sharpe practice 2. Then again, I’m not sure I’ll really use these for that system anyway. That more likely to be a FIW rules system for me.IMG_0801 (800x697) So there we are the cavalry of my French 15mm forces.


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