Cryx Bane thalls and a caster

I have been showing off the mega project from last year (the 15mm Napoleonic French) , some 6mm Vietnam and x-wing repaints it seems like it would be a great time to take a little break and show some of the other stuff I have been doing. So here are a few Warmahordes figures that I have completed. I’m not not 100% with this rules set though – we’ll see if the now released  V3 of the rules are better suited to my style of play, so I can get my head around them. I do really like the figures though and that’s what keeps drawing me back to this game not the rules.

These are more figures I got in a swap years ago. I have just finished painting them though. Many of them are damaged and were not in perfect shape when I got them. Then again, my painting is far from perfect either. First is the Pirate Queen Skarre. This models was sort of painted already so I just redid various bits of the figure. I left the blue blade (the only part of the original paint I liked) as it’s a nice contrast to the greens and metals I am doing for the Cryx style. I really like how this model looks in the end.

Next we have 6 Bane Thralls in a unit.These models have been hammered and lost a few pieces over the years of poor storage and resale. I used various random pieces to fix them up. Thus, these are unintentionally more customized than many other peoples models. They are all metal and so are pretty heavy.
IMG_0552 (800x272)
Below you can see some up close shots of the models. I kept the theme that I have used across all the various Cryx models. So greens and lots of metals – they are evil undead after all. You can see some have the original back banners while others have custom bits or nothing at all. I had to custom make from green stuff one shoulder pad. I could have ordered the various pieces I guess from privateer press but in the end the custom look to the figures sort of suites them IMO. I’m not that happy how the green stuff shoulder turned out, I should have done it over several days and with more care. However, it works for the little time these likely will get on the table.
Bane Thrall 1 Bane Thrall 2 Bane Thrall 3

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A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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