French Revolutionary/Early imperial forces

I have shown the various figs that I have done for the Lasalle game – those are in the last few blog posts on this subject. These took me most of last year to complete as a background task. Added to those, while painting them I came across a load of bicorne hatted French fellows which I had picked up along the way. I think these came from a bring and buy purchase. There are not enough for a full Lasalle force, (there is about half the number of foot need for that) but there are more than enough for such games as DBN or Sharpe Practice v2.

Still it’s a set of skirmishers, five full units of infantry and some supporting guns. That’s a decent revolutionary force in many ways and a good amount of painting. This took me into Jan/Feb of this year to get all of them done but only a few blog posts to show! They have the same basing as all the rest of the French so the cavalry can be used in all cases.

Below there is a picture each of the various units/combinations.

First we have the skirmishers/troops in open order. These will be good for various games and are needed group for most of them. I did not do them separately based, so for something like sharpe practice I’ll need to mark casualties but that should not be that much of an issue.
IMG_0768 (800x202)
Next we have the French Line units. There are 5 and a bit of these. One picture each as normal for my larger posts. I did not find a huge amount about the revolutionary uniforms especially their pompom’s so I followed the example colours I have used for the other French forces.
IMG_0772 (800x513)The figures are I believe all Essex. At some point I would like to get some more the finish the full force off, but I need to start using them more realistically to justify that. They are not the greatest figures and maybe Old Glory/blue moon will finally get to the earlier periods in their figs and mean that I can buy those for the rest.
IMG_0777 (800x361)
The figures are not the greatest, but they work and I doubt I paid a lot for them. Having them does allow me to do many more periods of games with my French – especially his early days and the time in Italy. Those are actually the battles which I like the most in the period so all I need to do now is paint up an Austrian force to fight these <sigh>. Maybe in a year or two. When in mass the sculpting of a single model becomes much less important, which saves these models from being not that great.IMG_0780 (800x595)
You may have spotted that I did not put these out well to photograph. I only noticed it later myself. The group below happens to have 2 standards and there is another standard in one of the units above. However that means I have 2 units with commanders but no standard. Several of the bases do have another stands with extra officers though. The figs I got were obviously not bought for lasalle style basing, but I made it work.
IMG_0782 (800x178) The last set of bases were the left over figures. Realistically I should likely have just used them for skirmishers, but they did not have the required tall pompom’s for that. So they work ok here I guess. You can see a couple of these bases have officers in the front – to use them up, as I really was not that impressed with them either.
IMG_0786 (800x478)
Lastly the artillery. I believe even before 1806 a few art units may have been waring the shako but as I had these I really had to get them done. That way I have a bicorned force throughout so that I can field a 1805 and before force.
IMG_0789 (800x482)And that’s the lot for my French Napoleonic forces as painted last/early this year. I’m sure you’ll agree that’s enough of those for a while. I need to focus back on my French Indian Wars stuff a little but I’m also trying to get some of the board games I have finally painted and ready for the table.

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  1. Nice! Now you need to get some games in.

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