More 15mm Renaissance figuires

I still have not got to play En Garde yet but I’m slowly continuing to paint the 15mm blue moon figures I have do the game. This time it’s some supporting character to get the limelight. First some ladies to be rescued or to cause The heroes trouble. Both the front and back are shown below – to show off the dresses.IMG_0609 (800x279) IMG_0611 (800x264)
Next we have a collection of ruffians. These 4 figures seem to be all of the shadier nature and so are the perfect for baddies. They may even make up a third faction from the musketeers and guards which I have already have done. Again the front and backs of those.IMG_0614 (800x272) IMG_0616 (800x272) Last in this small selection of figures, we have some potential heroes or villains. Some of these may also be victims of the baddies in scenarios as well. I like that these give me some flexibility for different games.IMG_0620 (800x411) IMG_0622 (800x319) As a final item I include pictures of a couple of houses for the players to fight over. These are from 4ground. They are nice but not cheap. Luckily I don’t need a lot for these games.IMG_0623 (745x800)These houses and the figures all also give me more flexibility for pirate games as well. I’d love to build our more scenery and stuff but have to get playing games more before I can justify that.


About mellis1644

A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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  1. Love these – you did a terrific job!

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