Arcadia quest – first models 

This is a new project for me as I do want to get this game on the table to play. I have had the Kickstarter in the ‘to do’ pile for a long time and so decided it was time to bite the bullet and get going with it. I have several other projects which are in the same position so it’s definitely time to start moving with this one.

The style of figs are so different for me that this is a real painting challenge. Thats the reason I got the game in the first place. I’m still not 100% sure that was the the correct move for me but heck, the money is spent now so we’ll see if I’m up to the challenge. The lighting where I took these pictures, in my kitchen does not really help but it’s good enough for these pictures. You can see the first set of figures below and so you can make your own opinion.
All the figs have colours and looks from their action cards in the game, so getting the right look for these is important. A player has to be able to match up the model to the card artwork so there is no point going too far from that. Luckily, the card art work is comic based not that lifelike. My personal hatred for that type of thing is a photo of a professionally painted model that I will not get close to with my skills. There is nothing more off-putting on than that to me. They avoided that so I that was great.
  There are 12 hero models in the base game and above are 3 of them. So you can rightly guess there will be more posts on this project in the future. The figs are nice but did need a little timing/tidying of the models to get rid of a few small mould lines. These were not too bad without paint but when I undercoated the models they were visible so that’s something to note for others doing this game.

I have done the bases very plain – just grey. I may return to do those in a flagstone style or may not. I’m concentrating on getting the models painted to a nice level first. I think doing something on the bases will help the overall models but again as a board game I just want to do a paint effect and not use any flock/grit etc.

As well as Heroes there are baddies of course. Below as the first of those. Even these are an interesting challenge for painting. The face paint in particular was fun. Having 6 figs all the same was also a bit of work but I did it – to my perseverance of getting them done.

Overall, I think these came out ok.

Close up like this you can see they are I believe at a very good wargame table standard, but that’s about as good as I get them. I found not using many washes but trying to layer paint for effect harder on the open spaces of these models. It’s a great way to challenge yourself in trying different things, as these are. They may not be perfect but I hopefully get better overall at painting. The big eye’s and faces call for more detail and careful brush control.
Hopefully soon I’ll be able to host a game of Arcadia Quest. It does look like a fun and light hearted board game.


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A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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