6mm US Vietnam armour

Well the title says it all but here we have the armor for my 6mm Vietnam project. This provides the raw firepower for the troops as well as mobility. You can see them all below.
The major AFV of Vietnam were the M113’s (ACAV’s) which are the ride of the mobile infantry units. There are 13 of these here, to match what a mechanized infantry company would use in country. This also gives me enough for an armoured cavalry troop. If representing an armored cav troop then the M113 would be used instead of the M114 recon carriers, as was common in the field. The M114 was not popular.

I used H&R models for the vehicles not the GHQ ones. GHQ are nicer but a lot more expensive. These lack the extra guns and sandbags often placed on the M113’s in Vietnam but that also means that they are easier to paint and store. These were much cheaper, which was the main reason for doing this. It also means they likely are more suitable to be used in sci-fi games or even Africa is using the AK47 rules set if I need them. You can tell where the GW rhino influence came from just looking at these.

The close support of a mech infantry company always included some mortar based M113’s – the M106 officially. So these had to be done and they came out nicely. They are needed for both the Mech Infantry or Armoured Cav units. They act as the attached artillery for the infantry company and are very useful in a good firefight. They also did saved the grunts from lugging mortar rounds with them – a very useful thing in the heat of Vietnam.

Next we have the M551 Sheridan tanks. These are the tank option for the Mech Cavalry units for later in the war and I believe could also be used in general support. Lighter than the M48 main battle tank they did get quite a bit of use after their introduction in 1969 in Vietnam – although it has to be said they were not that common. They were far from perfect though but they did have a lot of love from their crews. One of the issues being they were much more prone to damage from mines than the M48. They were especially liked to as they did not have the weight or track issues of the M48 in the soft mud of Vietnam. So more mobile but also more vulnerable. These are a nice additional group to have as backup vs. the more typical air cover options. They also give another type of tank for the force.

Lastly, some M48 Patton tanks. These are the a battle tank of the period and quite a of them were deployed to Vietnam. They are the backbone of an Armored Cavalry troop, with each platoon having between 2 and 3 (3 in theory but often in the field 2). For those units they would be common, for others they can be a support choice to give the infantry some very solid backup. They do look really cool and are nice big models.

They worked well in the infantry support role in Vietnam but never did any tank vs tank engagements till most of the US forces pulled out. The ARVN did use them in that capacity in the early 70’s though. These will work great for any Sci-fi or African settings as well. I will definitely come up with a few scenario’s where I use these.

So there we are, some figs for a Mechanized Infantry or Armoured Cavalry company in Vietnam, all ready for the table. I must admit I quite like the look of these on the table.


About mellis1644

A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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