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Last of the 15mm Renaissance support figs

Theses figs are the last from my Blue Moon 15mm set for this period and I have to say they continue to impress. Nice characterful figs and great for 15mm – well maybe 18mm as they are a little larger … Continue reading

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Arcadia Quest Orcs and Lord Fang

In the last Arcadia blog post I showed a couple of Orc nasty figs. Here we have another 6 – the remaining orc baddies in the game. All these are the same model but it’s bigger than the normal 28mm … Continue reading

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Saga Vikings vs. Norse Gaels Battle report

It’s been a while since I have done a battle report on here so I thought it was time. I don’t think I have ever done one for SAGA as well so even more timely. This is a game from … Continue reading

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6mm Soviet armour 

So after the US tanks I really did have to do some Soviet ones. Yes they are not really  useful for Vietnam gaming but thiey will be very useful for sci-fi and ‘what if’ scenarios. They can be used for … Continue reading

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Bane knights 

I have been doing a few different projects over the summer for various games. So here is another one – a unit of Bane Knights for Warmaster. These are from second hand (mostly unpainted) collection that I picked up a … Continue reading

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