Bane knights 

I have been doing a few different projects over the summer for various games. So here is another one – a unit of Bane Knights for Warmaster. These are from second hand (mostly unpainted) collection that I picked up a few years ago and so are a little rough shape – but that may be their charm as well. There are 10 figures here in the unit, which I believe is correct for them.
They are done in the same colours and style as my other Cryx models. They have taken some punishment over the years of storage/movement as some have the spears are bent on them. I have left those as bending them back just makes them weaker over all. Several also have one or both shoulder pads or shields missing, but again I like that overall organic damaged look. After all these guys are meant to be nasty ghostly fighters and not a ‘structured’ unit as such.

Below I have more detailed pictures of the various models. You can see the differences and damaged bits in the figs. Overall I like the results of this. I hope this is a good unit for the game (yes another game I paint for but really don’t play much). If nothing else they make nasty baddies for other games – although for superhero games these look a little different than the normal evil minions.


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A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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  1. In MkI they were badass, in MkII pretty good. Not sure what their stats are like in MkIII, but historically, they’ve been mobile, hard-hitting infantry, which is rarely ungood.

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