6mm Soviet armour 

So after the US tanks I really did have to do some Soviet ones. Yes they are not really  useful for Vietnam gaming but thiey will be very useful for sci-fi and ‘what if’ scenarios. They can be used for the later Vietnam period 1970-75 games though, when the ARVN actually did take on the North Vietnamese armored forces.
Above are the T-54 tanks. I only got a few of these but they were a common vehicle for Soviet backed forces in the 50’s and 60. I have done all these vehicles in a slightly lighter green than the US tanks but with the same type terrain on the bases. As with the US vehicles all these have come from Heroic’s and Ross. Some of the barrels are a little soft on these models but they 
Next are three PT/76’s. These light amphibious tanks were another mainstay of Soviet backed forces for the period. They did see some action vs. the US troops in the late 60’s but only in a single battle I believe.  Still they are a nice fun tanks to have on the table. They also provide a different option for more sic-fi games.
The typical early 70’s troop carrier was the BTR-50. These are bigger than the US versions and so I put them on the same base as the tanks. With 5 of these the North Vietnam forces will have decent troop carrying capacity. Again in sci-fi or other types of games these will come in very useful.

Lastly, there are five T-55 tanks. These are the another mainstay of the Soviet backed forces for the late 60’s and even beyond. They look to be cool tanks and will work for many scenarios as they were the main battle tank for the people’s republic as well as many other countries in the early 70’s and beyond. So there we are a few more units for this period and scale. You can tell my knowledge of the vehicles is not that great so I labeled them all. Especially telling T-55 from T-54’s would be hard for me to remember. So now I’ll to ensure that in many months time I know which is which!


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5 Responses to 6mm Soviet armour 

  1. Neat – when did you start the 6mm modern(ish) stuff?

    • mellis1644 says:

      I started earlier this year focusing on figs for Vietnam planning on using the ‘Charlie Don’t Surf’ rules – but I could use Force on Force or others as well. It’s been one of my aims for a long term. The 6mm scale does not provide detail in the figs but allows for a tactical game with realistic spacing for a multiple platoons on the table as well as APC’s, Tanks and Helo’s.

      • I play 6mm with Force on Force rules and it works great. It’s cool how you can play a squad or platoon sized battle on a very small surface with it.

      • mellis1644 says:

        Thanks for the comment. Force on force is definitely something to try. I have played force on force with 20mm but not 6mm

      • Yeah, I play it with some modifications for 6mm. Some of the details are abstracted to keep it manageable (like vehicles crews).

        I’ll take the liberty of a shameless self plug here; stop by my blog northernwedding.wordpress.com if you want to check out my 6mm stuff as well.

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