Last of the 15mm Renaissance support figs

Theses figs are the last from my Blue Moon 15mm set for this period and I have to say they continue to impress. Nice characterful figs and great for 15mm – well maybe 18mm as they are a little larger than 15’s really. These will be used for En Guard games and maybe even pulp alley. Yes they are a little smaller than many people use but they are great figs and the smallness does help with storage of games which don’t get too much play.

So first we have the execution squad. The axeman is a nice figs and then I have the same lady either on the blocks or standing and in peril. I purposely did that so that I can do a rescue scenario and when saved from the axeman I have a fig to use for one side to get off the table! That’s thinking ahead. I’m not sure if that’s what the figs are meant to be like this or not, but they seemed close enough to use for that use – so there we are. Of course I don’t have huge numbers of figs for an execution crowd… but I likely will use my clubmen/hordes from my ECW/medieval DBx forces which should give a decent crowd for any games. Next we have the ladies of the set. Four of which go from the one looking for a kiss on the left to the true ballgown wearing lady on the right. Below I show both the front and back as the dresses for these ladies are important after all! Years of marriage have taught me that if nothing else. Again these can be part of any crowd as well as ‘plot points’ as needed.Next we have the big buy and a milk maid. It’s nice to see different sized figures and this guy is huge – but still not impossibly big. Another really characterful model. It would be a great one for a leader of a faction as well. The maid with a bucket has all kinds of possibilities as well. Here eye’s here look dark but in real life the model looks a lot better. The next group are definitely at the tavern or such. The drinker, the bard and the waitress. These are an easy set to see together in any game as a plot point/scenario objective or just a target location. They look like they could have information or other uses and thus are a great little set of figures for skirmish games. Lastly in this set, a lord (or at least seemingly one) and his servants. These again have various uses and the central fig could even be a leader of some kind in games. Again my painting was a little heavy on the lords face but maybe a ‘black eye’ could be part of any game background.So there we are. I still have not played a game yet with the Blue Moon figs but I really do like how hey have come out. If I can do the above paint results then others can do even better as they are excellent figures. Just have to get them on the table now…


About mellis1644

A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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