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Last Arcadia Quest base box figures

Well the title says it all. This post shows the final figures from the base box of Arcadia Quest. Yes because of my personal rules now I can get this game onto the table and play it! I know some people … Continue reading

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Kings of War first game

Last weekend I visited North Bay games while my wife was at a show (she has her own hobbies which are just as expensive and craft oriented as mine…) and watched the end of a game of Kings of War. … Continue reading

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More Acadia Quest heroes

Well it’s another update on the Arcadia Quest painting – and thats because I’m getting ready to try the game out soon as well. I’m back to heroes and a monster or two to finish off the base game. Below … Continue reading

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Arcadia Quest Evil Ladies

So this is a post covers some of the nasty monsters which are in the Arcadia Quest game. This time concentrating on the evil ladies and a couple of big goons to support them. You can see a collection of … Continue reading

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Command and Colors Ancients- a quick review

For the last little while I have actually been playing as many board games as miniature games. For me that’s a little unusual bit still nothing too untoward really. I do like both and don’t get hung up on the different … Continue reading

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