More Acadia Quest heroes

Well it’s another update on the Arcadia Quest painting – and thats because I’m getting ready to try the game out soon as well. I’m back to heroes and a monster or two to finish off the base game. Below you can see another three heroes have been completed.img_1285These three are quite a collection and it took me some time to try to get the greens for the one in the middle right. Also, I tried to get the magic effects of the wizard on the right and the magic ball in the middle to shine. They do more in real life but these photo’s don’t really show that well. You can see it a little more from the reverse shot below. Heck though, I’m just happy they look reasonable.img_1289Trying to get the different blonde colors for the hair of the various figures has been another challenge for these models. But overall I’m happy with how these have come out really. Professionals will I know have done a much nicer job but overall these are really nice for the table top gaming we do. they are above normal gaming table standard so that’s ok.

As always with these posts included here are a couple more monsters  as well. After all the heroes need something to compete against in the game. This time it’s 2 minotaurs. They definately look to hit hard with the big stone hammers that they wield! The two models are exactly the same so I just used a single photo for these. It’s soon going to be thumping time…img_1282


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A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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  1. I like that monster guy at the end.

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