Last Arcadia Quest base box figures

Well the title says it all. This post shows the final figures from the base box of Arcadia Quest. Yes because of my personal rules now I can get this game onto the table and play it! I know some people think me odd for wanting to play with painted mini’s but they look Oh so much better than unpainted ones.

Now whats interesting with these three is each has a very different skin tone – going from light in the left to darker skin tones on the left. Again my lack of great photography skills does not show it off wonderfully but I hope you can see it a bit. I was actually quite happy how I managed that.The bases of these are still very plain. Still not sure how I want to finish them – as you’ll see below although the basic grey is ok but it’s far from perfect. As I mention below I likely will just leave them as they are though as they are a nice difference from the game board. Also here are the last two monsters from the base set. This is a different type of Minotaur – looks to be based on a Ram really, and an Ogre. Again I did some shading of the skin but it’s not come out well in the pictures. Still in person it’s ok. You can see I did a wash for the horns and  which seemed to work out ok. These are as always big models – 50mm or so high.From the back you can see the bag of bones the Ogre carries. This actually came out well and is a cool little model. So there we have it. The Arcadia Quest base game painted. Now the other thing to report with is that we actually now have played the first game. I have to say that it’s definitely worth the purchase price. We had a blast and the the figs work really well on the board. In the end I’m not going to paint the bases. The pain grey actually work out nicely highlight the figures so that’s good.

I won’t write a full review of the game – there are much better blogs and sites for that but I will say the game has enough depth for adults to get behind and play but at the same time is light hearted and fun. Although it’s a competitive each player for themselves no one can lose or be completely out go the game so it’s a very modern style of game in that way. There is enough depth to keep the scenario’s interesting and challenging without being overly complex. Interestingly, the players will always eventually win at Arcadia Quest – unlike something say like Zombicide but it’s who wins and how that makes the difference. This makes the game likely more acceptable to play with younger kids as well – even though the average age of players in our game was in the late 40’s and we had fun. 🙂

So Arcadia definitely is something to look into if you like fun multi-player games. Hopefully I have shown that the figures paint up well. I still have a load more to do from the kickstarter, but you’ll have to wait a little while for for to be done.


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A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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