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Witch Coven of Garlghast and Pulp Alley stats

Well I have all these figs and some of them are taking up space on my painting table. I am in the middle of a re-org of my painting area but that’s another story. So I occasionally look at them and … Continue reading

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Honours of War first game 

This week we tried a new set of Seven Years Wars rules – well fairly new, they are another of the Osprey rules collection. They are called Honors of War and written by Keith Flint. I had bough the kindle version … Continue reading

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1930’s Mobsters

With the Police done, you need to have some opponents for them really don’t you. So obviously another set of figs to get done was the mobsters. These are Blue Moon 15/18mm figures. The packs comes with a lot of … Continue reading

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1930’s US police – Chicago Way

With the release of the Chicago Way rules set by Great Escape games I decided it was time to dig out some models which had been langishing in the back of the ‘to be painted pile’ trade mark pending on … Continue reading

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6mm Mecha for future Vietnam

One of the things which I thought about with my 6mm Vietnam stuff was how could I use this for other games. The main ‘other games’ which I have been thinking about are AK47 by Peter Pig (which I think … Continue reading

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