6mm Mecha for future Vietnam

One of the things which I thought about with my 6mm Vietnam stuff was how could I use this for other games. The main ‘other games’ which I have been thinking about are AK47 by Peter Pig (which I think will be fairly easy to do), Force on Force (which should be ok in 6mm – I know some people who do it) and Horizon Wars. This later ones needs extra Sci-Fi miniatures – especially mecha (aka big robots etc.), which was not a common thing in Vietnam.

Now the first thing which came to mind for me was this shot from the watchman comic – ok it’s Dr Manhattan not a mecha but it gives the idea of what came into my mind for mecha in Vietnam. 767113_origIn fact most of my 6mm figs/units will transpose nicely into Horizon Wars without issue. At that scale an infantry man looks very much like any other. Unless a heavily armored/powered armoured etc a human really does not look the different. The tanks and vehicles I have can be used with ease as well IMO. What I’m missing is big robots.

Well no more as I bought some from EM4 – to be honest cheap plastic ones but they work and paint up fairly well. You can see some of these below with some 6mm figs. These definitely count for the ‘big stompy robots’ in 6mm scale.
Although the model do not have much in the area of variety they have enough to make 20 different ones out of the several kits that I got. They painted up easily as well. I have to say I did not spend a huge amount of time doing them. It was more to get them done than to really see how nice I could do these.I also varied the paint colors – mainly doing cammo’s but lets be honest – you are not hiding a 20 to 30 meter tall machine with a bit of paint so the concept was more to make them look fairly typically army/marine units vs. anything realistic. The different paint effects mean I can likely mix and match any of these for any forces that I want to field on the table.

These ones below are very typical of the ‘paint it green’ army concept and so it seemed very reasonable that any future military would go along with the same concept. These are all the same green as I have done the US vehicles so they are likely the models that I will use with the US forces if doing a future wars type game.

These last three I did in a little more outlandish colours. They may be used for merc or leader models but I thought why not. I have seen some of the mecha art work in the past with all kinds of weird paint jobs so why not. In fact one thing which has occurred to me is that I can use these as 28mm robots and maybe even 15mm weird war 2 power suites if I so desire. I don’t have any immediate aims for that but you never know as they are quite useful models in a generic sense. There is nothing on the bases or paint jobs that stops that use after all.


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A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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One Response to 6mm Mecha for future Vietnam

  1. dave2718 says:

    Nice work. I’m a big fan of being able to use your minis in more than one system. You’re taking it to a new level taking your robot/mechs across scales.

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