1930’s US police – Chicago Way

With the release of the Chicago Way rules set by Great Escape games I decided it was time to dig out some models which had been langishing in the back of the ‘to be painted pile’ trade mark pending on that name… maybe. A long time ago I was taken by the Blue Moon 15/18mm range of gangsters and had bought them for no other reason that they looked cool. They have sat around in the lead pile for a long time though as I really had no reason to paint them and I have a lot of toys which I can use to be painted. However, this seems like a match made in heaven – time to get them out and get them painted. Especially as I picked up the Chicago Way rules at a local friendly gaming store when I saw them.

The rules set is aimed at 28mm but as I have these figs it seems like I should paint these up and give it a go anyway. Most rules set work great without any modification with smaller figures so this should be ok. I’m not sure what else I’d ever do with these mini’s anyway. Sourcing some period vehicles may be a little harder to do but more of that in later blog posts – assuming I find some. In theory a lot of the cowboy & WW2 15mm buildings I already have will work for these figs/period as well- an added bonus!

So below you can see the police force that I painted up. I decided unlike the Cowboys I have done that each force I do for this will have different basing colours – to make them easy to spot on the table. Below are a dozen of Chicago’s finest in their 1930’s outfits.
It was a very bright day when I look these pictures but I think they came out acceptable. Still really need to get some better camera equipment than my phone. You can see I did use a slightly lighter blue than the the real uniform of the period. In the smaller scale I think it needed that to look their best. 
As with all the Blue Moon range there is a decent selection of poses in this pack – 12 figs in 6 poses is not too bad. As the game only needs approx 6 to 8 figs per side that should give a good selection for me to use.
The basing was meant to be able to be used in either a town or urban style look. I decided that grass or flock would not really work for these guys so they just have the painted highlights from texture that I added on the base with filler. All are based on US pennies – yeah I have a stock of old (now out of circulation) Canadian ones but it seemed appropriate to use US pennies for these figs. So there we are. Another ‘project’ started but this one should again not be too big- I hope. It should also allow another period to be gamed.


About mellis1644

A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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