1930’s Mobsters

With the Police done, you need to have some opponents for them really don’t you. So obviously another set of figs to get done was the mobsters. These are Blue Moon 15/18mm figures. The packs comes with a lot of figs and so I decided to split the painting of these into two posts/sets of figures.

Anyone who has seen various gangster movies knows that two groups who were key in the 30’s were the Irish and and Sicilians/Italians. So this first lot have a decent amount of green in their color scheme so that they reflect the Irish influence. Below you can see 13 of the bad guys and one Gangsters moll.As normal with Blue Moon figs there is a nice variety of poses in the pack and I tried to mix them up with colors and styles. You can also see the bas colors are different than the Cop’s shown previously. That means that there should be no confusion between these and any other figs.There is a nice selection of weaponry in the pack – with some using Pistols while others long rifles, tommy guns and even shotguns. So that should give a good choice for the different figures in games. I was upset about how the varnish went on these as it has seemed to wash out a few of the details. Although I’ll be honest and say that I have not done as good a job on the faces of some of these as I have on other figures. Part of that is as I decided to Just wanted to get these done vs. trying to really concentrate on them. For 15mm they are not bad but I think I can do better…The other factor is I think I tried to put too think a coat of varnish on them which did not help.Well the lady in the bunch had to be left till last. She is the only model which is unarmed but that’s just what’s visible. I’m sure that she could have a gun in the handbag. Note, I have the civilian pack so made sure she was part of the gang not an innocent by using the same basing as the gangsters.So in theory I now have enough figs to play a game…Lets see if I can actually get that done any time soon.


About mellis1644

A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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  1. I like the guy in the green suit 😉

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