Witch Coven of Garlghast and Pulp Alley stats

Well I have all these figs and some of them are taking up space on my painting table. I am in the middle of a re-org of my painting area but that’s another story. So I occasionally look at them and decide that I need to get another few of them done. One of the groups I has was this group of interesting ladies and a ‘golf ball’ as well as some other figs.

This turned out to be called ‘The Witch Coven of Garlghast’. The golf ball floats around and these bad ladies summon nasty things etc. They are all joined together in the background and work as a team, which is greater in sum than the parts etc. This actually sounds quite like a supervillan type background/theme thing to me. One reason I have that as a tag for this post. Cryx are evil so it makes sense as well. Anyway, below you can see the final figures after by dabbing with the paint brush.IMG_0542 (800x440)I actually have the ball raised from the base by use a single dress pin. You can see it below in a little more detail. I was not sure how the original model was supported to work but that this ok for me. I drilled the pin hole in the base and then secured the end of the pin in the base and drilled a hole in the ball for the pin to go. It seems to work well so far!

Overall I have to say I like how this has come out and they do make a nasty looking group. I stayed with the green theme. The ball is called ‘the Egregore’ and has paint I specifically bought for this model. That very luminescent green. That does give it a nice evil glow…I included a few pictures together below, you can click on them to make them bigger.

As well as doing that I finished three more war machine jacks for the Cryx forces. Two of these are missile ones. You can see these below. I’m not 100% sure which of the specific missile figures they in the war machine game but they are painted differently than the others I have done, but in the same theme. Both are nearly identical to allow me to use them for a different type should I desire. I likely should put some mark on the base to differentiate them. The rusty metal look still gives them an nice otherworld look.IMG_0545 (800x441)IMG_0548 (800x754)Lastly, I did another of the teeth monster Jack for the Cryx faction. I already have a load of these but the 2nd hand stuff I got had quite a few. These will be great for mid level monsters and other things. As I again kept the theme but did different colors on this one so it could be something different or just a variant easy to identify. In the limited war machine games I have played I really liked how these worked. They have a very ‘pitbull’ style attack.

I believe the Cryx background has these things being made of spare parts by their mad necromantic scientist so a consistent build and color scheme seems an unlikely thing to have.

I have actually been thinking of using these for a pulp alley game. Here are the stats that I knocked up for these as a force. This does not use any of the fantasy special rules as I want to keep my first games fairly simple. I likely will set the game in the Privateer Press background and create a few leagues as they are called in Pulp Ally to try of the rules.Below is my first attempt – It’s not optimized but seems to fit the models.

Team Perks Companions – (gives all allies in the group an extra ability but can never have a sidekick model), Resourceful (as an action a member of the league may discard a fortune card and draw a replacement from the top of the deck).

Leader – Egregore
Brawl   2d8   Shoot    3d8   Dodge  3d10    Might   2d10    Finesse   3d10   Cunning    3d10  Health   d10
Abilities: Commander (extra legaue members), Shrewd (Dodge and cunning not lowered due to injuries), Intimidating (lower level enemies must pass a cunning test to fight, otherwise they can only dodge),

Ally – Witch 1 – both arms down.
Brawl   –  Shoot    3d6   Dodge  3d6    Might   1d6    Finesse   1d6   Cunning    2d6
Health   d6
Abilities: Brainy (in stats) , Marksman (in stats)

Ally – Witch 2 – Dagger held above head
Brawl   2d6  Shoot    1d6   Dodge  2d6    Might   3d6    Finesse   1d6   Cunning    1d6
Health   d6
Abilities: Mighty (in stats), Agile (in stats)

Ally – Witch 3 – Danger held at waist
Brawl   1d6  Shoot    1d6   Dodge  2d6    Might   1d6    Finesse   3d6   Cunning    1d6
Health   d6
Abilities: Savy (in stats), Trick (once per turn may spend a card to get +1 shooting or finesse roll)

Ally – Pitball Jack
Brawl   3d8  Shoot    –   Dodge  2d6    Might   2d8    Finesse   –   Cunning    –
Health   d6
Abilities: Mindless (in stats), Animal (in stats)

Ally – Shooting Jack 1 & 2
Brawl   1d8  Shoot    2D6   Dodge  2d6    Might   1d8    Finesse   –   Cunning    –
Health   d6
Abilities: Mindless (in stats), Speedy (may run 16″)


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A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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2 Responses to Witch Coven of Garlghast and Pulp Alley stats

  1. Argentbadger says:

    Nice painting on the Egregore; it does indeed look suitably creepy. The green dresses/cloaks on the Witches themselves tie nicely to the Egregore too.

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