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Franks and Lightnings – a CY6 game

So, this week is the usual one of year that I run a CY6! game for our little group. This year continued the tradition so i thought I’d o a quick write up of the game. This time we had a poor … Continue reading

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The Cardinal and the Highwayman 

I was tidying up my painting space (oh and yes it was desperately needed, so much so that I’m not going to show any pictures of it), when I found 2 more sets of Blue Moon 15mm Renaissance figs along … Continue reading

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Arcadia Quest extra figures

Arcadia Quest as a game has gone down well with the local group – a couple of gaming sessions of it have been fun and enjoyed by all. This also triggered a general desire for me to paint more models so we … Continue reading

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1930’s G-men for Chicago Way

With all the gangsters around the cops needed some extra help in the 1930’s and that where Elliott Ness and the untouchables come into the frame. Often used by Hollywood their legend is a lot more than the reality, but … Continue reading

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