1930’s G-men for Chicago Way

With all the gangsters around the cops needed some extra help in the 1930’s and that where Elliott Ness and the untouchables come into the frame. Often used by Hollywood their legend is a lot more than the reality, but still any game for the period needs to include these as part of the it. Blue moon have a pack and so, so do I and you can see them all below.

eswewjesjfer68sz6fahdv6plxvThere are only 10 government figures but again that’s  enough for the Chicago Way game. They even have one with a flat cap – I suspect trying to model the untouchables movie with Kevin Costner and Sean Connery. The whole Chicago Way game is based on that style of movie, if not that one specifically. The original TV series which really made them popular in the first place though is the real classic. I have to say the few episodes I have seen of the TV series looks great and holds up well really even today. I love some of the old promotion material as it is very evocative of the period, as you can see opposite. The Untouchables redefine the TV crime drama and added thrills and action to the crime genre when released. That also really brought the G-men to the forefront of the story. Oh and they still are great to watch if you get a chance – if you search Youtube you can find some of the originals there. The quality commentary and special effects may not hold up to today but it has a certain appeal to me. But anyway to the figures and you can see them all below.
The group also include the photographer – I assume that’s what the middle figure has in his hands, although it could be a ledger book or some such as well. Either way these are fun figs which will be great for taking on the mob. The others have a rifle and a tommy gun, good weapons for the G-men.
Next we have three more of the G-men, pistols at the ready. Again these have different basing colors which should make these guys easy to spot on the table and separate from the gangsters and cops I have already done.

The last four figures round out this group of crime fighters. They keep crime down and look stylish in those hats as well.

Well that’s enough for this post. These are fun models overall.


About mellis1644

A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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